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Technical Info

Fumigation is a procedure that is used throughout the world to eradicate pests that infest all types of goods, commodities, warehouses, processing factories and transport vehicles including ships and their cargoes.

Insects in commodities

The most important type of pest is the commodity feeder. This type of pest feeds directly on commodities and can be divided into Primary pests and Secondary pests.


Wood Destroyers

Common Wood Destroying Insects are Termites, Carpenter Ants, Powderpost Beetles, Longhorn Beetles, Flatheaded Borers, Wood-boring Weevils.

MBR Properties

The Alternative name of Methyl Bromide is monobromomethane. Odour is nil at low concentrations; strong musty or sickly sweet at high concentrations.


Aluminium Phosphide Properties

Natural sources In marsh gas and other : sites of anaerobic degradation of phosphorus containing matter etc.