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Fungus Problems In Wood

Fungus Problems In Wood

Why Fungal Attack?

Wood being an organic matter with nutrients and having a potential to retain moisture, is often selected as food and abode of many organisms including fungi and insects

What is Fungus?

A parasitic plant lacking chlorophyll and leaves and stems and roots and reproducing by spores. Curious organisms that do not fit into the plant kingdom. Do not synthesize food on its own and must obtain food from a food source.

Types of Fungi

  • White rot
  • Brown rot
  • Soft rot
  • Sap stain
  • Moulds

Control Of Wood Biodeterioration

  • Reduce moisture content below 20%
  • Use and store wood at relative humidity below 60%
  • Maintain optimum temperature by refrigeration or heating
  • Adjust pH by pickling and natural acid fermentation
  • Prophylactic treatment with insecticides and fungicides
  • Treatment of wood with preservatives
  • End coating with paint to prevent cracks in logs
  • Reduce oxygen supply

When wood requires treatment?

  • In contact with ground or wholly enclosed in brickwork, concrete or masonry
  • If used under high damp conditions
  • When adequate ventilation does not exist
  • Temperature and humidity are favourable to wood destroying agencies
  • Equilibrium moisture exceeds 20
  • Fungal and insect attacks are prevalent in the area of uses