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Other House Hold Pest


Household lizards are detested because they crawl all over the place and dangle from rooftops, frightening children and adults alike. They are slithery and slimy and they spoil the walls with their droppings while depositing their eggs in the smallest nooks.
Our methods ensure a lizard free environment for you whatever your space. Our treatment not only removes the lizards already present in the building but prevent them from returning.


Cockroaches are high risk pests that spread a variety of infectious diseases. They are also known to be the trigger for a lot of allergies including asthma and eczema. They are a potent health risk for children, elderly and those who are ill. They leave an obnoxious odour on food and contaminate stored items. They are an unsightly presence at home and offices too.

Once we take a survey of your premises we will give you an estimate for the control treatment. Our expert technicians will then use innovative products and tools to implement the control service. The treatment will be absolutely safe on health and environment. We will monitor the effectiveness of the service periodically and our customer service will provide all support to prevent recurrence of the cockroach menace.


Ants though less harmful are a lot of nuisance. Ant colonies crawl all over the floor and build nests and they get into food stuff and stored items especially if they are sweet. Ants have nasty bites, they spoil goods and cause business losses, and they also easily contaminate food.

We eliminate the breeding spots and use certain specialised products that keep the ants away. With our treatment the premises are assured of an ant free environment and the ants will not return, until the effects of the treatment wear away. Our service ensures that we monitor your premises and provide timely assistance to continue ant control effectively.